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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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fire. it is 50,000 acres so far. and folks are doing their best to save their homes. when we got here we saw folks with hoses trying to water down their lawns and their homes. in area is under an evacuation order. but we talked to a few people who decided to stay and try to save their houses. >> i was just pretty scarey. woke up this morning got several calls last night asking if we were okay. we didn't know nothing about it because it moved so fast. and this morning we watched it come over the hill. so i had my wife and daughter get out here. and then i'm just here doing damage control trying to make sure my house doesn't burn down. >> it's been a long, hard, tough fire season that doesn't seem to end right now. looking forward to some rain and getting into the winter time. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you can see
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there is active fire in this community. this is off of highway 33. now we also ran into a firefighter -- some firefighters from fremont fire. there are about 1,000 firefighters on the fire lines including many from the bay area. and the firefighters say they are returning the favor. of course a lot of firefighters just were up in northern california in the bay area to help us with our north bay fires. now bay area firefighters are down here. it is deja vu. i can tell you. and the folks say they watched our fires on television and now they are battling their own disaster. reporting live in ventura county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you jodi. yes bay area firefighters from the north bay to the south bay, the peninsula and east bay heading down to ventura county to help the firefighters battle the ferocious flames and deal with the santa anna winds. let's check in with our chief
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meteorologist jeff ranieri and they need rain. any rain in sight. >> no rain in sight. i think the next thing we look for too here is when does the wind stop? it looks like we'll be out of the red flag once we hit the weekend. all the way through friday forecast. los angeles here this is where the main fire started yesterday. and it happened right to the north of santa paula. the dry northeast, northeastly winds pushed the smoke and embers towards ventia. the red flag wire fire warning until 8:00 p.m. friday. sustained winds 30-mile-per-hour. that's the ajer. but we could get gusts especially in the canyons that may go up to 40 to 60-mile-per-hour. humidity also 5 to 15%. i want to show you a closer look at what fierts are dealing with right now. that is again the fire started right to the north of santa paula. all of this area right now has had some kind of burn here from santa paula over towards ventia.
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they're trying to keep it from spreading into the nearby communities. so, again next seven day forecasts shows dry weather in this area with mostly sunny skis temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. what we are looking forward to eventually is some calmer weather once we hit the weekend. i'll have a look at our bay area weather forecast and how long we could be dry in december. coming up at 5:19. >> okay jeff, see you in a moment. jodi and janelle were referring to this team effort. we mentioned the local crews heading south. these are crews from santa clara county. fire department leaving from gilroy earlier today. ready for a dangerous fight ahead. >> we thought santa rosa was once in a hundred years or once in a lifetime or once in a career. unfortunately a couple months later we're in the same conditions. i saw the fire start last night. i've never seen a fire agree grow to over 40,000 acres in 12 hour period. it's huge. >> indeed. it has been spreading fast.
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just not just santa clara, oakland, marin county and alameda county crews are among the strike teams heading south. this is expected to spread unfortunately in the next 48 hours because of those wind conditions and the heat that jeff was talking about. coming up in 10 minutes we'll have the san jose state student whose family got caught up in the fire. we'll update you throughout the newscasts and 24/7 on the social media platforms. >> in other news the san francisco district attorney told reporters he is responsible for any failure in the presentation of the kate steinle murder case. the jury found jose karate anot guilty last we can. san francisco has become a punching bag for conservative voice on social media. including president trump. because jose zarate was a undocumented immigrant and zarate was an undocumented immigrant. >> well it is true that the
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president has made this to a great extent what it is today. i'm saying we because i include myself. we need to use discipline and not allow a madman tweeting dictate everything we do. >> there is a lot of criticism over the last couple days. >> coming up we also ask the district attorney why he thinks the jury failed to convict zarate of murder or manslaughter and he explains why he waited five days to hold a news conference. as promised they walked off the job. more than 3,000 oakland city employees ranging from high braerns to city clerks to maintenance staff are flou on strike. the issues wages, benefits and safety concerns. nbc bay area anser hassan is in downtown oakland on this very active night. we see the activity behind you anser. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, raj. over 3,000 oakland city employees have been striking since 7:00 a.m. they have gathered here because
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mayor libby schaff is holding a re-election fund raisers upstairs. the mayor says the strike is illegal because they didn't reach an impasse. but union leaders disagree. they say they've been without a contract for seven months. now is the time to strike. oakland day care centers closed. the oakland library closed. city hafl closed. as oakland city employees go on strike. >> we know the city's needs have grown. and yet we're still trying to keep up with a pre2010 labor frs. there is nothing we can do to keep up with that demand. >> >> reporter: and since the city rejected the labor demands more than 3,000 city employees went on strike. they've been wutt a contract since july 1st. the key issue, a salary increase over the next two years. health and safety conditions of employees, and benefits for part time and temporary staff. >> the city believes you're not deserving of health care benefits, retirement and that you're not at will employee you
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can fired any time. >> she is a bargaining team member representing one of the three unions. she says oakland employees are paid 10% less than the regional average she wants a fair wage. >> we can't spend money we don't have. >> in earlier talked oakland mayor libby schaff guaranteed a 4% pay increase the first year but talks failed when they couldn't secure money for the second year. labor unions say soelkd has the money. it just comes down to priorities. >> we need them to look at the money and really say do we need another high rise and does that high rise need tax breaks or do we need to to be able pay for more workers? >> reporter: now there are three different labor unions out here. union leaders have their phones on will come to the northbounding table if city hall calls but until then they plan to remain on strike until a deal is reached. reporting live in oakland anser
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hasan. >> congers resignsed after a wave of sexual misconduct allegations. thele 8-year-old congressman denies the allegations. he was elected 53 years ago. a cosponsor frp 1965 voting rights act and a cofounder of the congressional black caucus in recent weeks several weeks accused him of skaurl harassment pmt they are demanding he name all of the lawmakers that settled harassment case was taxpayer money. >> the rest of the congressional delegation that settled the lawsuits they need to to go also. >> congressman conyers is endorsing his son john conyers iii to take his place. aflt he has never run for public office before. the his grandson also intends to run. lester holt will have more on conyers decision to give up the seat in congress on tonight's nbc nightly news. beginning in about 20 minutes at 5:30. the olympics are about 65
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days away. but the drama and controversy is already in full swing. today russia was kicked out of the games for widespread doping. the shock waves are felts across the world including san jose which host next months's u.s. figure sating conferences. scott budman joins us with the latest. scott. >> reporter: good evening, raj. some of the figure skaters already training on ice rinks like this here in san jose. the decision that came down from the ioc says if you are clean you can participate but not under the russian banner. as of today the russian team is banned from february's olympic games. the international olympic committee's decision was stunning and for many athletes severe. >> the russian olympic committee is suspended with immediate effect. in the the russian athletes will
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be able to participate under strict conditions at the winter games pyeongchang 2018. >> strict conditions being called by some russian sporting officials, offensive and insulting. >> as an athlete myself, i'm feeling very sorry for all the clean athletes. >> the ioc says over five years more than 1,000 russian competitors across 30 sports were involved in a conspiracy to conceal positive drug test results. recently the ioc has banned more than 20 russian athletes from the olympics for life over doping violations at the 2014 winter games in sochi. the world anti-doping agency says russia remains noncompliant with anti-doping rules. now among those reacting here on the ice paulina edmonds who has gone to the olympic games from san jose and has russian roots.
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we will hear from her at 6:00 as to what what she has to say regarding the decision as for some russian athletes. they say they will appeal what the ioc handed down today. reporting live in san jose, scott budman. a major move for the olympics thank you. up next we follow the multiple fires in southern california. 150 structures damaged or destroyed so far. and it's spreading. this is a live look from our nbc chopper. we're having an update from the fire lines. also, a grim discovery as students arrived at school this morning. what led to a young man being shot to death near a san jose high school. clear and 59 in san jose right now. what's causing all of this dry weather? my new update pat 5:19 tonight. breaking news...
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this is a live look from our nbc chopper in southern i want to get back to our breaking news now. this is a live look from the nbc chopper in southern california. four separate fires. this is the biggest one, the thomas fire racing through ventura county. as we pull up you can see the flames in the distance, a lot of smoke and a lot of homes in the path of the fire. this is about 35 miles from santa barbara to give you a little idea exactly where we are. so far thousands of people have been evacuated and more than 150
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homes and structures damaged or destroyed. really now it's about safety to get people out of there from the evacuation areas. here is a look at one of the homes now that burned in the pyre. it's the home of actually -- it hits home for us the home of one of our bay area interns amy lance ski. her family evacuated last night and we talked to her on the news in morning. >> our house is gone. we got word of that. i heard my mom talking to my dad. he called her about 5 this morning. he had some of his- some of the guys from the department were driving by our house and the all the houses on our street are pretty much gone. >> we feel for amy's family but they are safe and sound. lance ski's father is a captain with the fire department and has been on the front lines since last night. he sent the video. gives you an idea up close and personal what firefighters are dealing with. we posted some of the video and many others on the website,
5:15 pm well it was posted all over social media, a body near a san jose high school. students shared the pictures after coming across the horrific scene when they arrived this morning. nbc bay area marianne favro is near there with more on the latest murder investigation. >> the victim's body was found around 7:00 a.m. here at the back entrance to the school. police haven't released his name. but they confirm he was a young man shot at least once. >> two bangs, pou, pou. >> evan sawyer describes the gunfire she heard shortly before midnight. this morning she learned a young man was shot to death a few yards from her house. >> scarey and really upsetting. >> the victim's body was found on campus mere the athletic field near mount pleasant high school in east san jose. police went door to door in the neighborhood looking for witnesses. some students who saw the body as they headed to class this morning shared graphic images of
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the victim with dozens of other students on snapchat. in lady and her two daughters saw it. >> that had my worrisome. you can't unsee something-like that. i saw the video i'm still a little shaken up over it. >> this person also saw the video but had no idea the man had had been shot. >> they didn't let us go home. we were still here what if the person came back. >> police are still looking for a suspect. but have not yet released the name of the victim. they did confirm he was not a student or staff member at the school. classes were held as usual today. some parents we talked to said they were frustrated because they say the school administers told them it was simply a medical emergency. they say if they would they had known someone was shot they would have kept their kids home today. in san jose, marianne foofrp,
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nbc bay area news. we want to talk about good news in the community. we have hard working people in the bay area dedicated to finding housing for the homeless. it's a success story. >> as far as a south bay woman it's not the end. she dedicated to turning houses into homes. garvin thomas has her story. janell the first thing you should know about annette hancock is she can stretch a dollar it's a superpower she has. the second thing you should know about her is that she spent close to 20 years using that power for good. it's not easy to spend a whole lot of money at a dollar tree store. it's kind of the whole point of the place. >> okay. here we go. >> but when annette hancock shows up her local dollar tree. >> you have mine in the back. >> they know to have more than a few shopping carts ready. >> because this woman means business. a lot of business. >> it is a lot.
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i shop a lot. >> lavender fresh this is new. >> annette grabs cleaning products, plates, kitchen utensils by the dozens. >> see, i like to get the ones with the 25% more free because why not, right. >> none of them, however, meant for her home. rather for people who until recently didn't have a home. >> it just -- it means so much to them. it means so much to get these basic things. >> so if you have not gotten yours yet. >> for close to 20 years now annette has been working with homeless advocacy group like san jose's downtown streets team. her particular focus, what happens after someone finds a place to live. >> this room is called the phoenix room. >> annette put her particular set of skills, a nose for bargains. a background as a seamstress. and it would seem unlimited energy to work.
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creating move-in kits for the formerly homeless. the a kit packed into bundles small enough for a person to carry into the new life. through her non-profit the phoenix fund annette is doing roughly 40 a month these days. >> this is my heart and what i'm good at. >> because she doesn't deliver them herself annette doesn't get to see the impact her kits have. >> all i needed to get in a home. >> but every once in a while she does. and when that happened. well, her local dollar tree better make sure they have plenty of carts at the ready. >> here she comes. >> basic necessity so appreciated. >> she can put a kit together for just under $100. >> thanks garvin.
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the hot topic the san francisco board of supervisors meeting, the delivery robots, the board is considering allowing companies to test technology in certain areas of the city. this is video of robots will be tested in other parts of the bay area redwood city among them. supervisor gnomen e wanted a outright ban but he since loosened his stance. >> let's check on the forecast it's near freezing, right. >> yes. >> i even have my sweater. >> she has the blanket and the sweater. >> just a few isolated spots. certainly not widespread freezing but chilly looking ahead towards wednesday morning. let's get you into the microclimate forecast right now. and a lot of the wondering why is it so dry across the bay? we are in december. we have had a little bit of storm activity. but so far december is pretty much lackluster at this point. and it's due to high pressure sitting in the pacific. this is unusually strong.
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i mean it's sending every single bit of our rainfall in the pacific right up towards alaska. even dry weather for washington, oregon, all through california. not only for the next seven days possibly the next 14 days or longer. so the only side effect we see right now are the clear skies and cold in isolated spots dropping down in the 30s tonight in the north bay. remember the pets and also those plants too. as we get a look at the morning forecast you can see down to 39 in the tri-valley. but peninsula 44 opinion north bay at 42. 37 in the north bay. and sunny in san francisco at east bay 43. another day with warming by the afternoon. not melania trump in the way of wind for the bay area. all in all nice for december here as we look at this dry trend. 67 in downtown san jose. over to los gatos 63. contra costa alameda pretty much the same in terms of
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temperatures. probably no complaints here in terms of getting outside and doing stuff. 66 in pleasanton. 62 in oakland. sunny skies for the peninsula. 62 in daley city and 66 in palo alto. 63 for the outer sunset and 65 in the mission. the north bay, 67 in napa. and over to mill valley 64. extended forecast shows next 7 day we stay with the dry weather here for san francisco. morning temps in the 40s. afternoon highs in the low to mid-60s. the inland valleys fairly the same with upper 30s to low 40s for morning temperatures next several days. and 60s for highs with sunny skies into next tuesday. what about the long range forecast? it's dry for the rest of the month at least the way trends show. below average chances of rainfall threw the west. also back to texas and in terms of temperatures, we are above average as we continue
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throughout this month. i'd like to see this change. we'll see what happens as we get closer to january. right now that's the trend. >> if janelle has her blanket it's cold. >> yes it is cold. thanks jeff. >> back in a moment.
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miss at least two weeks with an ankle sprain. that;s the warriors have just announced steph curry will miss two weks with an ankle sprain. >> the that's the bad news. the good news, the mri taken today showed no structural damage. you might have seen in the final two minutes of the warriors games in new orleans. painful to watch. he sprains the ankle on that play. the same ankle that's given him trouble in years past. steph curry out at least two weeks. back in a moment.
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well ton at 6:00 we continue to track the breaking news in southern california. four wildfires burning in and around ventura county. 70 square miles burning. this is a view from the nbc chopper in southern california. so far already dozens of homes are destroyed and thousands of people evacuated. and we no he this first hand. it's a dangerous mix they are experiencing heavy winds and low humidity. we'll check in with jodi hernandez on the fire lines in ventura as our chopper pulse out you can see the fire on the mounenside. we'll check with jodi on the 6:00 newscasts. >> lester holt is also covering the wildfires in southern california. he'll vermont latest as well. and of course jodi hernandez is
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there and will be live here at 6:00. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt next with nightly news. tonight an inferno emergency in california, wildfires suddenly exploding out of control as families escape with just the clothes on their backs. >> our whole lives were wrapped up in that house. everything. it's all gone. everything. they're bracing for impact across the middle east with president trump set to recognize jerusalem as capital of israel, infuriating palestinians, world leaders saying don't do it. russia banned from winter olympics, punishment for cheating operation. is robert mueller following the money? report he subpoenaed bank for accounts held by president trump and his family.


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